Cluster Visits to Denmark and Ireland

Cluster Visits to Denmark and Ireland| 19th-24th April 2017

MATERIALIX Consortium visited Welfare Tech cluster (Denmark) and Cúram, Centre for Research in Medical Devices, Biomedical Sciences, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland. In parallel, the 2nd face-to-face training was held on 20th April, in Copenhagen (Denmark).

These study visits had the focus in medical devices, to explore new crossing with the materials sector in order to comply with some requests of the EU that is investing a lot on this key-topic.

It was a great opportunity to learn and gather best practices in new business models, Knowledge & Technology transfer, as well as how Clusters can establish long-term partnerships between research & development entities and companies members.

The 2nd face-to-face training aimed at giving an overview of the theoretical Industry Analysis and Segmentation and Value Chain Analysis topics, followed by case studies scrutiny and debate.