Cluster Visits to Germany and Austria

Cluster Visits to Germany and Austria | 23rd-26th January 2017

MATERIALIX Consortium visited Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid (Germany) and Business Upper Austria (Austria). The first two visits of four visits planned for Cluster Managers were held in January, as well as the 1st training activity on 25th of January (Austria).

The study visits were organized to European Clusters well-known by their excellent reputation in cluster management and/or in selected targeted fields to learn by example and gather a set of good management practices and potential new services to be implemented.

These visits gave a detailed overview of different Clusters structure, governance model and market focus. Besides, it also provided insight of the services offered, as well as a vision of how to design new services (and methodologies) with a Key players approach.

In addition, the 1st face-to-face training aimed at giving an overview of the theoretical basis of Cluster Economic topic, followed by case studies scrutiny and the application of the most common tools through the online mentoring period.